Corinopuntia invictaThe idea for the "Cactipedia" project first began in 2006 but it wasn't until early 2010 that the first website materialised.
The plan is divided into three parts:

  1. He website you are reading aims to be a fact-rich site where you can find information, photographs, fact-sheets, videos, and lots of other interesting material for the succulent plant collector.
  2. The forum. Where you can discuss with your friends about your experiences of cultivating succulent plants, and many other things. You need to register to access the forum and can do so from this page.
  3. The Wiki, entirely dedicated to these fantastic plants.

Cactipedia aims to deepen and strengthen the links, the respect and the love for succulent plants that exists. ..
Anyone wishing to help contribute to this ambitous project can contact us here.


Video Cactipedia

Cactipedia Video Guide

When we search online for information, for example on how to carry out a graft, the first approach is usually via Google. Lots of websites are then found with pages and pages of information.

Here at cactipedia we believe that a video guide is much more useful than a simple information page. Watching a video makes it much easier to pick up techniques which can be quite tricky to show on a page.

Our idea is to produce lots of video guides which can then be discussed or argued about in the Forum.

The videos come from members of the Forum:
if you have something appropriate, contact us and we will provide you with a space to upload it.

Ariocarpus retusus CaudexHave you some interesting information to share about a group of succulents, whether it is a single plant or an entire family?

Well, this space is dedicated for posting the benefits of your wisdom, in powerpoint, pdf, or other formats.

Alternatively you may just like to browse existing fact-sheets or presentations on the world of succulent plants.

This is the right place for exploring existing information. Here you will find the products of the experience and passion that fellow Friends have, donated to Cactipedia in order to share with other succulent plant enthusiasts.